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Georgie, Hampton

Margaret is without a doubt the leading expert on aged care advice – there was literally no question she couldn’t answer (and we had a lot of them). If you have a loved one who needs in home care or you are looking to get them into residential aged care Margaret is the resource you must have. We needed to get Dad into aged care due to some significant health issues and had absolutely no idea where to start. Margaret had been recommended to us by a friend who had used her services and it was the best phone call I could have made. Margaret hand held us through the whole process. She helped us with all the steps ranging from carer and in home suggestions right through to navigating the whole aged care process. In the end we went with residential aged care and Margaret shortlisted the residences for us based on our requirements for Dad, she managed the negotiations for us with the residences, she dealt with all the government requirements and she managed the contract for us. She also managed the exit contract for Dad who had been in an independent living establishment and continued to assist with that long after we’d paid our final bill. We couldn’t have done it without her support and kindness and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing advice on the aged care system – definitely a value for money offering. Thank you Margaret.

Sue, Wantirna

When Mum ended up in hospital we were told she could not go home to live on her own anymore. The race was then on to find the appropriate place for her to live out her years and also to extricate her from a contract with her retirement facility, which she had been able to call home for only two years after moving from interstate.
It was a hugely emotional time for our family: not only was she ill in hospital, but now she was being told she could never go home again. We felt so guilty having to make all the decisions about her life, as well as having to sort out and deal with all her worldly possessions. It was heart-wrenching.
We had no idea what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. Then we were given your phone number, Margaret. You made me feel at ease immediately. It was obvious you were across all the intricacies of contracts, aged-care assessments and placements, retirement facility contracts and Centrelink requirements.
It was such a blessing to have found you, and my family is forever grateful for your knowledgeable guidance and all the representations you made on our behalf as we dealt with all the emotions and the practical matters that needed attending to.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who might need help and guidance in this area. I cannot express highly enough our appreciation of what you did for us and do not hesitate to sing your praises at every opportunity.

Warren, Brighton VIC

“Navigating through the minefield of age care was looking horrendous until we discovered Margaret at Signpost. She had all the answers, her advice and support was invaluable in our emotional journey with our father. We found Dad the very best facility for his needs thanks to Margaret’s knowledgeable, dedication, understanding and patience. Margaret at Signpost was our family’s knight in shining armour, we can’t thank her enough for her professional support.”