Placement Services

Professional aged care placement advisors available to assist you

With years of collective experience, we know our professional staff will be able to find a solution that benefits each and every client.

An expert team of consultants

When you talk to our placement consultants, you’ll be impressed by our compassion, our understanding and our knowledge of the industry. Navigating the aged care system can be challenging, especially for those encountering the system for the first time. Aged Care and Elder Advice consultants aim to draw you the shortest route for your loved ones to enjoy comfort, security and quality of life.

Live The Best Life with Our Aged Care Placement Services

Find the best possible home that you can afford for your loved one with help from Aged Care and Elder Advice. Our Melbourne office employs experienced aged care consultants who will listen to your goals and requirements and help you find a facility suitable for you that suits your budget. Every client has different needs, so rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions we approach everyone individually.


Call us today on 1800 500 780 to make a booking for a consultation, or email us your questions on Get the advice you need to live the life you want with Aged Care and Elder Advice.