Legal and Financial Advice

We are independent aged care experts and an incorporated legal practice.

We have experienced aged care lawyers on our team who can provide legal and financial advice.

Making the right choice for yourself or a family member in relation to aged care is a daunting prospect and has many legal and financial consequences. At Aged Care and Elder Advice, we understand aged care and have the added advantage of providing legal and financial advice to ensure you and your loved one are protected.

Our legal advisors have the experience and professionalism gained by many years assisting individuals and families make decisions and enter into arrangements for the provision of aged care services as well as representing recipients of aged care services.

Aged Care Financial Advice and Legal Advice Services Provided

Our services include:

  1. Provide advice on costs of aged care and negotiating costs of aged care with providers;
  2. Providing advice and reviewing contracts for the provision of aged care services including Resident and Accommodation Agreements;
  3. Providing Advice and reviewing contracts for the purchase of Retirement Village units;
  4. Assisting with aged care complaints
  5. Advocacy on behalf of clients
  6. Preparation of alternative decision making documents including powers of attorney, advanced care plans and appointment of medical treatment decision makers
  7. Legal advice on all issues relating to aged care.


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