Margaret Harrison



Margaret is a lawyer with over 30 years in private practice and as an executive in a major Australian Bank.  Before specialising in aged care, Margaret’s career spanned a vast range of areas including financial services and wealth management, dispute resolution, testator family maintenance and trust and probate law.  Margaret spent 5 years on the executive team of ANZ Bank’s Wealth Management Division as its Head of Risk.

In earlier roles, Margaret gained significant experience in navigating personal legal and financial matters and understanding how to select and what to expect from providers.  Her personal experience with her own elderly and frail parents led her to establish her first aged care advice business in 2012 when she was unable to find a person who could help her understand the available aged care options and assist with appropriate care.

She has applied her skills to creating and successfully maintaining an innovative aged care service, providing high quality aged care advice and solutions and is considered an expert in aged care.  She regularly provides training and education sessions to other professionals including lawyers and financial planners.

Margaret is keen to ensure that the aged are treated with dignity and respect and that their wishes are both known and, so far as is possible, met.