Rip out the rugs or the top 5 ways avoid falls in the home

What just happened? The most common reason for the elderly entering an aged care residential facility is the result of a fall. In light of this the best thing to do is ensure the home environment is safe, avoid falls and don’t take risks.

So here are our top 5 tips to help reduce the risk of falling.

1. Lighting – make sure your home is well lit and the lighting is bright. Also we recommend having sensor lights at entrance ways, in the bedroom, hall and bathroom especially if you are getting up at night.

2. Sensible shoes – well fitted shoes will assist with balance and walking. Try to avoid wearing slip-on footwear. Have a discussion with your podiatrist on your next visit about appropriate footwear. We guarantee high heels will not be on the recommended list.

3. Rails and ramps – having secured equipment (rails and handles) will assist with getting up from the toilet, handles by steps will provide security when going up and down and ramps will allow walkers to be used. It might be an idea to have an Occupational Therapist come and do a review of your home.

4. Use that walking aid – a walking stick, crutch, walker or wheelchair are not fashion statements; they are aides to assist with safe ambulation so always remember to use your aide.

5. Rip out the rugs – a trip is often the cause of a fall so consider getting rid of any rugs you may have in your home as these can be the greatest trip hazard.

So keep safe.


Until next time
Margaret Harrison